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A Complete, Affordable Website Package!

The Web Presence Package is a complete, affordable, quick and easy way for a small business to obtain a place on the internet.

The Whole Website Package
only $490.

The idea behind the package...

Our goal was to put together a cost effective way for a small business to advertise their business on the internet. The primary objectives were to package a complete solution with no surprises with one responsible vendor and at an affordable cost (only $490).

image of boxOur web design team has responded with this turn-key web site package specifically designed to help you achieve your web presence with a minimum of effort.

We asign a web page developer to work directly with you to create your home page design. Don't worry about what to do next, we'll take care of the details.

You could do it yourself...

We're not fooling ourselves, there are some small business owners who would enjoy building their own website. pen and paper making checklistFor those business owners we have prepared a checklist to help you out. If you have any questions along the way feel free to give us a call - we'll do our best to answer your specific questions. May we also mention that we would be happy to work with you at any level you may need so that we can complement your in-house talent, not replace it.

For the small business owners who would rather focus on their business and let someone else take care of the website details here is a summary of the items included in the Web Presence Package:

  1. Registration of your domain name
  2. Hosting service for 1 year
  3. Setup your branded email
  4. Create content with your business information
  5. Submit site to search engines

This is everything that will need to be done for your business to have a place on the internet! In the future, when you would like to expand your website - go ahead! There is plenty of room for expansion. You can pick up on our lead and use the page as a template to make additional pages yourself, or work with us to add content. The content is yours to manipulate in what ever way makes you happy (we do not restrict you in any way - you will own the content).

Our Guarantee...

Worried about the risk of not being satisfied? We know that a small business faces enough risk as it is. We have worked to make your website purchase as low a risk as possible. We want you to be happy with your site and we back it with a Money Back Guarantee!

If you have any questions aboutwhat it will take to put your business on the internet, please, do not wait any longer - Call Us at 800.696.4250! We will provide the personal attention that you deserve.

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